La Primavera Republicana


What was expected of this Republican spring?
Everything, or almost everything. The time had come for citizens, who were no longer subjects of a decadent monarchy in decline, to become free people. The new broom of the Republic would, it was hoped, sweep out the backwardness that had existed for so many decades. The Republic was also expected to give a central role to the people, led by “the buxom fat woman with strapping thighs and a strange hat”, as Paco Candel recalled, and to the people’s representatives, the new political class of the Catalanist and Republican leftwing. Universal suffrage (women were allowed to vote in the elections in November 1933), the sweeping reform of the education system, the necessary reform of agriculture, improvements to workers’ employment conditions, and the change in women’s social role, everything was waiting to be done and everything seemed possible.

Francesc Vilanova

Farmers and farm labourersEscola del Treball, 1934. Pérez de RozasEscola del MarOlympic Stadium, 1935. Pérez de Rozas
Ajuntament de Barcelona . ICUB : MHCB inici